An effective investment program is built upon several fundamental factors:

Effective Communication between Advisor and Client.

Your investment program should be based on your individual goals and risk tolerance. To accomplish this, it’s important for us to understand your particular needs and for you to understand our investment recommendations.


Combining investments from various categories can reduce fluctuations and losses. Exposure to a wide variety of investment classes, stocks, bonds and real estate, can increase long-term returns.

Extensive Research on Fund Selection.

Before your money is invested in a mutual fund, we thoroughly research its long-term track record, fund manager, fee structure and record in downturns. We strive to use only funds that have superior records versus their respective indexes.

Long-Term Outlook.

In the short-term, both stocks and bonds can be extremely volatile. Historically, the risk from high return assets diminishes greatly over long time periods (10 to 15 years). Time is a key element in successful investing.

Ongoing Performance Reporting and Review.

Your investment program will change over time due to economic factors as well as your changing needs. An ongoing framework of communication between you and your advisor is crucial to managing those changes.